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2k race bike. Bring your experience. I need help

coflocyclecoflocycle Posts: 2
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Hey forum members. I would greatly appreciate some input on my first real road bike. I've just recently gotten into the sport but have quickly become hooked. I worked and saved every dime that I made from this past summer leaving me with a budget of around $2000. I realize that being new to the sport, I'd probably be fine on an entry level bike, however, I am a high school senior with an extremely busy schedule and As a result, I will not be able to come up with a substantial sum of money like the one I have now for several years. On top of this, I suck at saving money and the money left over from buying an entry level bike would most likely be spent long before upgrading when needed. For this reason, I would like to buy a bike that will last me for several years. One that will suit me as a novice, as well as a more experienced rider.
I live in Florida and ride fairly flat roads so a climbing specific bike isn't necessary. However, I go to Colorado every summer so climbing won't be nonexistent. My main goal with this bike is to race with it and eventually do crits and stuff like that. So I'm looking for something with a more "race-minded" geometry.

As a whole, here are my requirements:
Race geometry, good looks, fairly light weight, ultegra 105 force or Athena group set, $2k budget

I really don't have too much experience with high end bikes but I think I've "narrowed" (by narrowed I mean 20 or less) my choices down to:

Pros: looks, stiff, pedigree, ride quality
Cons: "HEAVY", wheels will need to be upgraded eventually, upper end of price range, and only a 105 group (not necessarily horrible but not ultegra)

-2016 Scott foil w/ 105
Pros: looks, up to date tech, aero,
Cons: not out yet, will probably need some upgrades

Boardman something?
Pros: good reviews
Cons: I don't know how great the bikes in my price range are

-2015 or 2016 Specialized Tarmac Sport
Pros: looks, pedigree, modern/up to date, ride quality, can get a frame for around 1k and build up
Cons: it's the lower end carbon so is that still good? Price is up there for a new bike

Franco Balcom
Pros: looks like really great value, classy, good reviews, frame is only $800
Cons: no test ride, few reviews, can't tell if they're up to date

Fuji transonic 105
Pros: aero, price range, looks
Cons: lower grade carbon than flagship, not too many reviews, heavy

Cervelo s2
Pros: aero, upgradeable, people seem to like them quite a bit
Cons: not nearly as good-looking as an s5 so I'd always feel a bit eh, price

Pros: LIGHT, great components, only $1800
Cons: aluminum, not aero, not in love with the shape

Specialized allez
Pros: cheap. I could get a frame for like $500 and that leaves lots of money for upgrades. I could get carbon clinchersssss ❤️❤️❤️Race geo
Cons: aluminum, lower quality, is it worth upgrading a lower end frame?

Allez sprint:
Pros: aero, looks, up to date, price?
Cons: aluminum, lower end?

If you guys have any comments or suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them. I don't know how I'm gonna choose. I realize that I'll need to ride them, but where I'm at right now, I don't think I have quite enough experience to know which I like best.



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