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Athletes needed for study

Jimeoin MurphyJimeoin Murphy Posts: 3
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I'm a 4th year psychology student studying at the university of the sunshine coast in Australia. We're looking for athletes to participate in our study regarding athlete performance. This is a part of my 4th year thesis at USC. We're investigating this topic in order to try understand what goes into your consistency as an athlete.

Sports being considered are track and field athletics, swimming (pool), and velodrome cycling. You would be asked to complete an online survey along with providing your competition results from the last year. The survey itself should only take about 25-30 minutes overall (and you can come back to it until you finish).

So again we're trying to understand if there are any factors about your personality that influence your performance consistency, results will be anonymous and used to present out findings at the conclusion of the study.

I'm happy to post a summary of results here, but there is also an option for participants to provide their email in order to have this summary sent to them at the end of the year.

Follow the link below if you are interested in participating (the link also contains more detailed information):-

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me (probably best by personal message). The information sheet and consent form provided at the start of the survey contain greater detail.

I'd also like to quickly add that the current plan is to close this survey by the end of the month, this is so that data analysis can begin.

Thank you and Regards,
Jimeoin Murphy


  • The results have been finalised for the study investigating personality factors that influence athlete performance variability (S/15/777).

    Below you will find the summary of what was done and what we found:

    The goal of the current research was to investigate whether personality has an influence on the performance variability of athletes. In order to test this, six measures of personality have been combined to serve as independent variables; they include attributions, flow, extraversion, neuroticism, mental toughness, mood (anxiety and depression) and motivation. The study employed a single group, multiple regression design examining the personality factors against performance variability; athlete ability was also considered as a covariate. However, due to insufficient data the design had been changed to multiple ANOVA tests measuring the influence of sport competition level (local, state, national/international) on each of the personality variables. Participants (N = 61) were athletes over 18 who competed in one of three sports, including track and field athletics, swimming and velodrome cycling. In order recruit these athletes, sporting clubs and organisations were contacted through various social media sites and online forums. The measures used included the CSGU, FSS, EPQ, SMTQ, HADS, and SMS; measuring attributions, flow, extraversion and neuroticism, mental toughness, anxiety and depression, and motivation respectively. Demographics considered included sport experience in years, age level, gender, education level, and para-athletic classification level where applicable. The results indicated that the influence of sport competition level on personality yielded no significance across all conditions. By extension no significance was shown for potential covariates of years competing and sample age. However moderate effect size for the EPQ and HADS measure suggest that an influence may exist with a larger and more representative sample.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to participate in our study.

    Jimeoin Murphy
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