Posh tops. Are they worth it?

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More specifically, summer tops.
I have a selection of flimsy tops that I wear when I don't really need weather protection. If the fit is good and they have pockets I'm not too fussy.
While out riding and daydreaming recently (as you do), I became aware that no matter the cost of the top that I am wearing, I don't really notice the difference between them.
My most expensive shirt is a Mavic at about £70 (it's got a full zip and zipped pockets and washes well). Okay, it's not full-on top of the range - am I missing something?
Could anyone persuade me that it's worth treating myself to something "better"?


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    why should anyone?
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    No, if you want to buy premium go for stuff like wet or cold weather gear where paying a premium 'can' have an actual benefit.
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    I just buy what fits in the sales. There is a difference but whether its worth paying is down to the rider.
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    The top end 'posh tops' have spent more time tailoring the fit. They also might feature some more breathable fabric, but the main reason for the cost is the improved fit.
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    Shorts - well they have to take wear and tear. And be comfortable.

    Tops - what do they need to do ? Fit right and have pockets ?

    I have some chinese ebay tops and they're as good as the more expensive tops I have.
  • trek_dan
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    In 40 degree heat in the Alps I could really notice the difference in breathability between my Rapha Super Lightweight jersey and the other couple I brought.
  • fleshtuxedo
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    In 40 degree heat in the Alps I could really notice the difference in breathability between my Rapha Super Lightweight jersey and the other couple I brought.

    When going uphill in hot conditions, undoing the zip on a cheaper jersey is a more cost effective solution.
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    I'm fairly happy in cheap(er) polyester club tops etc., as above undoing a zipper is enough to keep you cool even in tropical conditions.

    I've never really felt the need to spend £££ on tops compared to being very happy to pay top dollar for shorts (Assos T.cento_s7 and Rapha Pro Team being the preferred options).

    That said, I am wearing a Rapha Lightweight jersey for the next week.

    I think there will be more compelling reasons for the more expensive jerseys as fabric technologies improve with all the cooling fabrics etc. - well until the cheaper manufacturers release their rip off of each technology.

    A cheap jersey probably won't cause ride-ending discomfort. Cheap shorts can possibly contribute to a DNF.
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    Like a lot of things, the gains are marginal as the price goes up - especially with summer jerseys which don't do too much work. However, I've found
    1. They fit better,
    2. The seams are flatter and better positioned so don't cause issues
    3. The pockets often have better details (valuables zip, pump loop etc)
    4. The jersey holds it shape better (after washing, and with pockets loaded)
    5. Zips are better quality
    6. The best brands offer accident repair/replacement (I currently have a Rapha jersey bring repaired after a roundabout off that would otherwise have consigned it to the bin). Some have downsizing offers.
    7. The materials are better (last longer, breathe better, have better sun protection, stretch better (see 1 & 4), are more colour-fast etc)
    8. Often just look better
    Whether you're prepared to pay for these things is entirely subjective.
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    Ive a couple of Rapha s/sleeved tops and I really appreciate the stuff like having a pump sleeve in the rear pocket, and zip up valubles pocket and the bottom drawstring and silicone gel gripper that keeps everything in place. Its all stuff that can be managed without, but it does mark it out from a cheap poly top. They dont stink after the first hill either!
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    A bit like posh watches and cheaper ones.

    Both tell you the time, some feel better on your wrist.