Wheels for 35mm tyres

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I've got a specialized Tricross sport and have replaced the original wheels (which wore out) once and got these from Evans


Since I had them I've had nothing but trouble with spokes snapping and have had spokes replaced &/or wheels rebuilt far more times than I care to remember (the wheels have done about 5,500 miles in 15 months), by 2 or 3 different shops.

Basically I'd like some advice on a reasonable set of new wheels as I am losing (have lost) patience with my current wheels

Guidelines are
- I'd like to spend between £50 and £150 for wheel set
- My tyres are 35 mm (I know I could replace these with thinner tyres, but I like the grip and contact surface in the winter)
- I'm fairly heavy (14 stone), but don't carry too much stuff with me, so all in weight is probably 15 stone
- I don't have disc brakes (normal cantilevers)
- My primary consideration is strength, rather than weight (TBH, strength is like 10 times more important than weight)
- My commute is all on road, or paths, the roads aren't brilliant, but are not more pot holed than most other country lanes nowadays (I avoid the pot holes, so it's just general roughness of surface)

Advice gratefully appreciated

[Edit - not sure if this makes any difference, but the spokes I break are nearly always rear wheel, non drive side, at the hub and usually when I am putting the power down while climbing)