Change from 10 to 11 and wheel change.

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Is there any real benefit from changing from a 10 speed cassette to an 11 on a complete Shimano 105. Is it just a matter of a small change in increments from lowest to highest gear, (i.e. bottom and top gear are exactly the same as on the 10 speed, but there is one extra gear in between), or is there another benefit?

Also, I have Mavik Aksium One wheels. I am happy enough with them but wondered what upgrade in wheels is likely to bring a noticeable improvement? I am trying to gauge what component changes on a bike, results in a worthwhile improvement to ride comfort and speed. What's worth upgrading and what isn't.



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    Yes very little difference between 105 10 and 11 speed, and quite an expensive upgrade as you need new shifters chain cassette etc. Al you get us one less gap between 2 cogs somewhere, assume you use same range cassette. If you feel you need for example a lower gear just change to a different 10 speed cassette e.g from 12-25 to a 12-28.

    Askiums are pretty decent tbh. It's not like you have stock manufacturer wheels like say basic Giant wheels. Depending on what tyres you have, that might be most noticeable and cheapest upgrade.
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