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training schedule

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I cycle always with some friends once a week around 115 klm with a high speed.

Anyway, last time I have some troubles with following at the end. Most of the time I was one of the best but now it seems to be I am after 3 hours tired.

I cycle 3 a 4 times a week in low and high intensity. What is the best thing to do to fill in a workout and how many hours?
Last week I have been cycling around 5 days, 4 days low intensity (heart rate between 120 - 130) of one a one and half hour but without result because this Saturday I was tired after 3 hours again.


  • your doing too much at a too low intensity, while probably maintaining your level the others you ride with have probably stepped up, swap one then if you go ok with that swap another of our easy days to high intensity rides
  • As said you aren't doing enough high intensity training. Keep the lower intensity for recovery rides and have a couple of days off cycling in a row occasionally to allow your body to recover and repair itself.

    On longer distance rides it is very important that you keep hydrated and sustained. Electrolytic tablets in your water, energy gels, bananas, flap jacks etc make a considerable difference to your stamina if you feed yourself every 20 mins or so after the first hour.

    High intensity cycling burns a lot of calories and once you've depleted your body's store of carbs, you will have no energy. You must eat and drink often.
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    Without knowing your max HR, 120-130 is pretty meaningless.

    That could be a recovery ride or a basic stamina ride.

    You need to build up your basic stamina and take note of the above comments.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • BodyBody Posts: 32
    I have been to a sport doc who tested my heart rate last week.

    The test told me that my intensive condition is overdeveloped.
    This means I have to train more my extensive endurance training for a couple of weeks.
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