High Roller or HR 2

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Been away for a few weeks due to work and injury and had plenty of time to consider what needs replacing on bikes. I've used Maxxis High Rollers on my dh rig for a while and found them to be a great all round tyre for ordinary conditions in 2.5" guise and I'm currently looking into replacing the front tyre on my Pitch. The rear Eskar is badly worn, but the front is alright; the idea is to move the front Eskar to the rear and put some new rubber on the front, preferably Maxxis (don't know why, just get along with Maxxis better than most). Since High Rollers are well rated and comparatively inexpensive, I was going to trust what I know and go with one, but apparently High Roller IIs are the best all rounder available, but command a higher premium. So what I'm asking, to anyone who has used both, is the new tyre worth the extra? Thanks in advance.
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