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antjessopantjessop Posts: 5
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I am a Brit living in the relatively flat land of Estonia. I want a commuter bike to take me around town and maybe out on the open road. All of the various options are very confusing on my budget, so I was hoping you would be able to help me sift through them.

Here are the options that are available locally and that I can afford (I can get them all for 400€/£284):

Scott Sub Speed 40 -
Scott Sportster Comfort 40 -
Scott Atacama Sport X70 (Might not be available in my frame size) -
Merida Crossway 20-V -
GT 700C Traffic -

This is available for 234.50€/£167, which is apparently half price!
Jamis Commuter 1 -

What do you think?


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