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RIP George Cole

me-109me-109 Posts: 1,369
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Died yesterday after a short illness. Always Arthur Daley and Flash Harry.

How he might like to be remembered:

How many of a certain age like to think (sometimes, of him):


  • Sirius631Sirius631 Posts: 1,015
    RIP, though he'll never die whilst ITV4 is on the air.
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  • dabberdabber Posts: 1,646
    Arthur should have been posting on the various doping threads... "He must be on them stair rods"
    I still enjoy Minder after all these years. It still makes me smile.
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  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,161
    I'll raise "a large V A T Dave" in memory. Euston Films produced some first rate TV drama's in their day.
  • Philly8mtPhilly8mt Posts: 552
    RIP "Arthur"

    Gone off to the big "Minder" in the sky.
    Still thinking of something clever to say!
  • debelidebeli Posts: 582
    If you can find an old film called Cottage to Let, you will be treated to a very young George Cole acting alongside Alastair Sim, his mentor.

    I think it might even have John Mills in it as a baddie, but I digress.

    Anyway... it is one of those films made during the war and is (inter alia) about spies and deception and the indomitable British spirit.

    I found it a lovely film and George Cole is very good in it. For those who will always see him as A Daly Esquire, you may even see a hint of the wheeler-dealer as a young scalliwag.
  • VTechVTech Posts: 4,736
    I grew up watching minder, with my dad alongside Only Fools.
    Great bloke, humble and peaceful.
    Living MY dream.
  • TurboTommyTurboTommy Posts: 493
    I grew up watching minder, with my dad alongside Only Fools.
    Great bloke, humble and peaceful.

    Me too although in my case it was the reruns. Only fools is obv classic TV but for me minder pips it just.
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