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Lower Back Rant

cubextcubext Posts: 47
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I have a previous lower back issue (bulging L5) which can cause the usual pins and needles numbness.. It took a lot of convincing and time to get an MRI..
Anyway I was out on the bike and I have to say I was being an idiot and have had an incident..
The result of this was me landing on a hard surface with my lumber and sacrum taking the full impact..
To say it was sore would be an understatement.. Rolled around on the floor for a while and tried to carry on my ride before calling it and heading back to the car..
I spent a couple of day limping around the house as the bruising has been coming out. I have a significant lump and bruising on L5 which I still can't even touch...(ouch).
This is where it gets silly..
Because my foot had gone numb on Sunday I took myself to minor injury unit..
The chap there sent me to accident and emergency in an ambulance on a spinal board! With a letter for an X-ray (their radiologist was off)
A&E no X-ray sent me packing with pain killers but said I must go 'tomorrow' to the docs and get a neuro consultant thing booked... (I asked for that in writing because the doc would look at me like I'm from Mars)
No letter but I did as he said went to docs..
He just looked at me like I was crazy.. He hadn't even looked at my back or given any kind of examination when he said ' I'm not doing that A&E are passing the buck' blar blar blar
After having to ask him to actually look at my back he said 'well I think we should get that X-ray'
Wrote on a form (impossible to read) and told me to phone up to make an appointment.
Hope you're still with me!
Phoned the number spoke to a rather grumpy lady who started talking about their policies and telling me I need to go back to A&E..What?
She reluctantly made me an appointment.. Had an X-ray and I have to wait a week and rebook with the Docs for the results..

So I'm feeling pretty fed up.. I think I've fractured the pointy bit (spinous procress) on vertebra L5. I think I've been passed off by every NHS department I've visited.
And really all I want is to know what the hell I've done... Because it kills..rant over!


  • What area do you live in? GWS.
  • E65RossE65Ross Posts: 23
    If you are remotely near Portsmouth let me know.

    I specialise in backs and also have xray facilities if necessary.
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