Disk Specific carbon rims

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I'm looking to build up some carbon disk wheels. Ideally 38-50mm depth, wide u shaped.

I've had decent use out of some hong fu rims on novatech hubs (tubs) so was looking to go that route again. They don't make disk specific rims yet. Ideally I want disk specific with a view to maximising the benefits - stronger lighter rim, no worries regards heat build up etc.

Does anyone know of any Chinese or Taiwanese (or other well priced unbranded) carbon disk specific 700c rims?


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    Both those companies don't make a road disc brake specific rim. What they will do is a road rim brake rim without the resin treatment on the brake track. I.e you will have a brake track but not a usable one. Dbop are the only ones doing a proper disc brake rim but it is pricey . They have had to pay for a mold though and not cheap.
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