Bontrager Aeolus 5 d3

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Hi guys

Been looking at a set of race wheels recently, and came across a set of these at a good price.

Does anybody have any experience with them? particularly stability in crosswinds and braking.
I'm confident the aerodynamics are good enough for me, and they're certainly wide. But reviews are a little
but sparse on details on the above.

Oh and before you say it, this is not a debate on clincher vs tubulars, wheels vs a training camp, or any other argument.

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  • rokt
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    Absolutely no idea what the wheels are like, but they look nice ! If you don't mind me asking were
    have you found a "good price"' , I'm still looking for something like them for a build I've now finished.
  • Sir Velo
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    Have the older version and have never had a problem with them being unstable in he wind. Rode them in a very windy TT and had no problems.

    I imagine the D3 will be the same if not better, very nice wheelset; although to be fair I only use them on race days rather than general training.

  • ollie51
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    Have ridden them, braking is nearly as good as the newer reynolds (probably the best braking carbon clincher). In fact they're probably the best aero wheels I've ridden, cross wind stability is good too, for a deep-ish wheel.