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C60 or V1-r ?


  • mfin
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    C60 for me. I'm not sure the V1-r would make it to the top of the endless list of monocoque bikes you could get for that kind of money. C60 doesn't look right compared to a C59 though.
  • anjasola
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    Out of the two the C60 but I built C59 instead of a C60
  • ianeverton
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    I already have a C59
  • napoleond
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    Stick with the C59 then
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  • Stick with the C59 then


    I've got a C59. But the n+1 bug kicked in this (non) summer and I had a look at a C60. That fat down tube is grim. Stick with the C59.
  • mfin
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    If you have a C59 which you are keeping and felt you had to have another Colnago then I'd take the V1-r over the C60.

    If you'd be getting rid of the C59 frameset (you'd be mad) then PM me if you want to sell it if it's a 50s or 52s.
  • on-yer-bike
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    C60 the V1-R looks like any other carbon bike it also has the back brake caliper in a very stupid place. The new C60 in matt carbon with gloss white lugs is rather nice. I have a C59 and often wonder how the ride compares to the C60 does anybody know?