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Casual clothing for cycling

Dannyboy95Dannyboy95 Posts: 245
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what casual clothing could you get away with whilst cycling ie Jeans or work trousers things like that. It is always a mission to get all geared up when going out on the bike so what suggestions or experiences do you guys and gals have cycling in general clothing? Cheers! :D
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Whatever you want and pedal at a rate that doesn't make you (too) sweaty.

    On my hack bike I just wear shorts and T-shirt to nip into town and back, pedal to hard and I get sweaty.
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  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
    Over the years I've acquired various items from cycle brands that help; Rapha, vulpine, Surface, Chrome etc. but I tend to wear them more off the bike than on!

    Ultimately just cycle at a comfortable pace in comfortable clothing.
  • I've never been a fan of Lycra.

    Coming from a skate/bmx background I have always dressed baggy (I'm 44 now).
    A pair of baggy shorts with, at best, an inner liner for the long rides or a pair of Dickie Redhawk shorts for the short trips and commute.
    (I do wear tights in the winter though under the shorts).

    On top it's whatever top I fancy.
    Cotton is not great, but ok for the short trips.

    I do have a couple of the SWOBO merino wool jerseys which are about 20 years old now. As good now as the say I got them, although they got a bit tight. (must have shrunk in the wash :wink: )
  • Base layers and 'technical' clothes from the likes of go outdoors are not bad, pretty comfy and dry quick if you do get sweaty pits etc. Depends if you can find a style you like though.
  • Workwear can be quite good.

    I have used a base layer of "technical" fabric that I got cheap from a friends tool hire shop.
    Also fleeces for when it was really cold.

    Another good one is gloves, I get a pair of the workgloves that look just like the full finger mountainbike gloves for about £12, they last ages and are really comfortable.

    I find that sometimes cycling specific clothing from cycling brands can be expensive for what they are. I like to look around for other ideas.
  • mrfpbmrfpb Posts: 4,569
    I've bought and regretted buying several cycle specific cycling trousers. Regretted because I paid a premium price for brands that don't offer a choice of lengths. SWRVE are the exception as they have a choice of two lengths (from experience they are also very durable and if you come off our bike)

    I tend to go for cycle specific casual shorts as my regular trousers get worn out quickly by my saddle, and the shorts have seams in the right place to keep you comfortable. Rapha have a sale on at the moment, Wiggle have some Ted Baker shorts going cheap and SWRVE again are a good value brand generally. Always Riding is a good website to browse, but you can often get better prices elsewhere.
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