Cervelo S5 VWD

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After pretty much a year off the bike and having to move back to the auK finally got round to sorting a bike im happy with.

Built up a Dogma with DA9000 but couldnt get on with it.

Now got this Cervelo S5 vwd edition. Fantastic stiff and fast.

ultegra di2 and having put 38 thousand miles on dura ace di2 7900 I have ti say this new 11sp ultegra di2 is better.

I either ride reynolds carbon clinchers attack nice and shallow or if local roads round here is rolling terrain ive just bought some bullets as they are great tough fast wheels for everyday riding round here and going back to an aluminium brake track has been a revelation after a year of carbon braking.

Anyway niw time to slowly start riding again just not the 700 miles a week i was managing in mallorca :-(

Cheers guys



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    Great looking bike jeff congrats. Really looks like it slices through the air. I used to think the S5 was a strange looking beast but it's really grown on me. How stiff is it compared to other bikes you've owned? Just wondering how it copes with British roads really.
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    That's really nice, almost perfect in fact.

    I love the 53 tooth crank, 50 teeth just look wrong.
    Love the bars, what are they Pros?
    The wheels look great but they must weight >2kgs...
    How did you make the shimano fit the campy, do campy hubs take a fulcrum freehub? or is campy 11 spacing the same as shimano's?
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    Very nice looking bike, love the wheels 8)

    I have a 14 hour round trip Saturday to collect a Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 up so right now I'm very into the aero look
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    700 miles a week..??
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    I like this. I have a pair of Bullet 80's there around d 1800-1850, so not mega heavy or a light climber, there stiff!

    I am glad somebody has posted an S5 with Bullets on, gives me a look of my future ride!

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    Same as Tommy. Really didn't get the S5 When it first came out. A mate who is a bit of a Cervelo nut (Lee Taylor) had a couple of R5's and Ca ( god knows why. But if you could you would) and seeing an S5 against these just looked really odd.

    Then on a Café stop one day I saw and S3 in the darker red and black colour way with just cosmics on it and it looked right.

    Anyway long story short after another club mate got a BMC Time Machine and started knocking the hell out of sector times, the button was pushed (not by me ) and KOMs reclaimed. These things just hold speed like a missile.

    Back to the O/P . Looks great Jeff, Even though they are a classic wheelset I would personally de sticker the Bullets, The S5 is already a heavy decalled frame.

    P.S Sorry to hear your struggling to keep up the 700 mile a week schedule now your back in sunny Essex, has Lord Alun moved his superyacht to Shoeburyness?
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    Hi all thanks for the replies.
    Yes its a cracking bike rides better than anything ive had before, althought addict rc was epic and climbing the cervelo really dont go up hill.
    Yes the wheels are a bit heavy but ive been riding full reynolds carbon attacks and there feels very little difference to be fair but the current fitness im lucky to even still be walking ;-)

    Yep used to avg 700 miles a week but when you live in mallorca and get up at 6am and dont start work till 1pm its pretty easy and then when your taking guided rides over the mountains on your day off it easily stacks up.

    Now im in site management in the uk as usual time poor :-(

    Next year will dig into trying to get somefitness back. Yes thought about taking decals off the wheels too but as you cant put them back if you dont like im not sure?
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    Pluke my thoughts exactly on the wheels. I see your in suffolk im in colchester if you wanted to have a ride out and try the wheels or the bike more than welcome.
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    Bars are easton ec90 slx or something or other. Vibe stem as 1 wanted a -10 degree. Did 91 miles yesterday and a quick 68 this morning. It is aero and slices through the air for sure but shame to undo all that aeroness when i stick my fat body on the top of it lol :-(
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    Congratulations on the bike, it looks the business.

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    Pluke my thoughts exactly on the wheels. I see your in suffolk im in colchester if you wanted to have a ride out and try the wheels or the bike more than welcome.

    Sorry, I didn't see your post!

    Yes I am just outside Kesgrave, Would be good to have a ride out, I could make my way out your way sometime.

    Really like the S5, and with the Bullets it would be good to see both in the carbon!

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