Gloves with minimal or no padding.?

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I'm after some mitts with little or no padding.I get slight pins and needles in my left hand more than I used to.Bike position is good.However recently seems to come on more than it used to after about 10 miles.But last week did a 150 miler and set off at 6am when it was colder and put on my non padded autumn long fingered gloves.Not once did I get the pins and needles.So mid ride I popped on my usual gel short fingered mitts and within a few minutes I had the tingling. Took them off and was fine rest of the ride.
So I want a to try some none padded mitts.Have seen the Giro zero and the craft elite which also has a longer none Velcro wrist.Anyone use these or any other recommendations?


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    Why? just change hand position on the bars and make sure your not gripping between your thumb and first finger on each hand if on the hoods! Otherwise buy some mitts and take advantage of the relief in pressure on your hands.

    If that don't appeal try some thicker bar tape
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    That's my point I've got good padded gloves and they seem to antagonise the problem.150 miles mostly without them and I was fine.I regularly move hand position as we all do.So want to try mitts without padding.
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    I use the Giro Zero gloves and find them really comfortable. I used to wear the Giro LTZ gloves which are also pad-less but even thinner than the Zero. They are probably more comfortable because they are quite a lot thinner and lighter and the material used feels softer/stretchier, they come a bit higher up the wrists though which I'm not so keen on aesthetically. They have both lasted well, I think the Zero gloves would offer more protection to your palms if you were to crash.
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    I use the Specialized SL Pro gloves - leather palm with no padding, no velcro strap, really excellent gloves.
  • Pearl Izumi PRO Pittards mitts. I struggled to find my most recent (third) pair of these, though, so if you find any, don't buy them, send them to me.

    Why am I recommending a pair of gloves when I've got through two pairs already? It's HOW I've used up the first two pairs that impressed me. Twice I've hit the Tarmac hard. Twice I got a palm down, and the Tarmac made a mess of the glove. But both times, there wasn't a scratch on my hand. The last time was most impressive. I looked at my hand in the ambulance - there was a bit of glove around the wrist, around the thumb, and on each of the fingers, but the palm of the glove had gone completely, torn to shreds. But not a mark on MY palm.

    Unfortunately I'm now using my third pair not on the bike, but to enhance the grip I've got on my crutches. Because I,lol be walking with these aids for the next 9 months or so, with no possibility of taking the bike out for a spin, while my smashed femur starts to heal. But at least I can grip the crutches, which is all down to still having skin left on the palm of my hand.
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    As somebody else has posted Giro Zero are the gloves, I have just got the new Giro Zero II's to replace my grubby first ones and they are excellent but not quite as good as the first ones which you can still pick up