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Hi to everyone!!

I'm posting this because my girlfriend wants to change her saddle from her road bike, but she has two options and doesn't know which one to pick.

Prologo Kappa Evo DEA T 2.0 or Prologo Nago Evo DEA Tirox

What do you think?


  • sungod
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    saddle fit is personal, if these are the sole choices then ideally she should try both and see which she prefers

    but maybe neither will actually be best for her
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  • but maybe neither will actually be best for her

  • kingrollo
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    forget both and buy a brooks
  • noodleman
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    Saddles are an even more important fit than shoes. You may like the yellow trainers best but find the blue ones fit you far better, even though theyre both your size. Took me a few years of trial and error before i found my bum was selle italia slr shaped.
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