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UCI colours on stem spacer; too much?

lmow20lmow20 Posts: 21
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Hi all,

My levels of sunday bike riding are reaching new levels of mediocrity. But not when it comes to dorky kit.

I recently was given this shirt from work.


Since my riding is not improving, I have been thinking of ways to raise the bar on the more shallow aspects of riding; aesthetic dorkyness.

Since I use my bike for audax and full on touring, I keep the stem tube long to give an upright position (and a reversible stem). Sadly, this means I have 30mm extra space above the stem. I set about looking for a UCI colours stem spacer. It does exist (Chris King, $49 limited edition) so I purchase a set of 2mm anodized spacers from 'Kapz' at vast expense (£9.99). What do you think; too much?


I cant believe it is not more popular, or that it's not being done by the various bedroom businesses on ebay. Or is it just me? ;)
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