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Bought a threadless bottom bracket - doesn't fit in the shel

pastryboypastryboy Posts: 1,385
edited August 2015 in The workshop
I have an old (2004 GT) MTB with damaged threads in the BB shell that I thought I'd try and resurrect. I bought a YST threadless bottom bracket here:

The non-drive side cup bit slid in fine but the drive side just wouldn't fit. I tried forcing it but it was impossible and even with a hammer and plenty of grease no progress was made. It ended up damaged and was subsequently binned. It was maybe 1mm or so too big in diameter.

I'm confused, I know bottom bracket shells have different widths but I thought the diameter was consistent so I don't understand why it wouldn't fit? The bike was supplied with a run of the mill Truativ chainset and a generic cartridge BB so this looked like a straight replacement.


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