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Steering issues

bluemoon17bluemoon17 Posts: 718
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Just wondering if somebody could help me troubleshoot an issue I started having whilst out on a ride tonight!

Hit a few heavy bumps along a bad stretch of road tonight, and almost immediately I felt the bike start veering to one side. My first thought was that I had a puncture, so I pulled over and checked both my tyres but they were still inflated. Had a check of the wheels to make sure no spokes had snapped and that they were running true. Got back on but the problem persisted so I had to pull over again a few hundred metres later.

Lifted the bike up so it was sat on its back wheel, and the handlebars seemed to 'lock' with the front wheel straight. Tried turning the bars from side to side, and they seem to want to 'lock' and stay straight, and aren't turning smoothly. Managed to get myself home (very gingerly) and have just loosened the top cap bolt and re-tightened and the bars still aren't turning smoothly. Feels like they are grating slightly, and they are making a bit of noise.

Any ideas? Thanks.


  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,038
    You need deeper inspection of the headset itself... has had a long time without any maintenance eg.?
    Not difficult to disassemble.. just remember which bit goes where for re assemble.
    You may get away with a good clean and re grease but if the bearings are shot then replace.
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,319
    As above or a lightly bent steerer tube.
  • Zerotails99Zerotails99 Posts: 127
    Yeah disassemble the front and check for any damage to the headset, steerer tube, forks and wheels.
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