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First Mountain Bike - Lots of Questions - KTM Aera Comp 27.5

edited July 2015 in MTB buying advice
Hi Guys,

A bit of advice please. I'm looking to get myself a half decent mountain bike. Although it will be my first (not counting cheap bike shaped objects I had years ago), I am coming from a road bike background so not new to bikes per se. I also have a great relationship with my local bike shop so would prefer to buy from them if possible .

From a bike, I want the following:

1. 27.5 wheel (It'll be a culture shock coming from a road bike anyway and I think 29er will just feel too sluggish)
2. Light weight - again, being used to road bikes, every time I pick up a mountain bike to feel the weight it puts me off. If I'm to get a bike I want to ride then it'll need to be lightweight
3. Hard tail - I figure that, unless you spend big money, at any given price point the hardtail will be a higher spec bike that a full susser due to the cost of the rear suspension.

My budget is £1000 though I could stretch if it was worthwhile. That's where the KTM Aera Comp 27 comes in. It's a fair bit over budget but that gets me a much lighter bike (it's a carbon frame) and my LBS is a KTM dealer.

There seems to be scant information on KTM bikes in the forums and much of what is written is far from positive. So, why all the KTM hate? The comments I've seen don't seem to be founded in any personal experience, more a general dislike for the brand. Yet, from what I can see, they seem to offer more for your money than most other brands?

To a newbie, the specs of MTB's seem to be very confusing. Yes, the fork is the most important, but how do I know the hierarchy of them? Or the groupsets? They seem to be a bit of a mix and match compared to the clear levels you get on road bikes.

So, lots of questions. Overall, what do you think of the KTM Aera Comp 27.5?


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