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s1d972s1d972 Posts: 3
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first post so apologies if this has been asked before.

I have been cycling for a few years and have both a road bike (Specialised Secteur Elite 2012) and a mountain bike (whyte 809) however have started doing triathlons so although i'd like to buy a new carbon Bike i'd struggle to justify spending around £2k so want to improve my road bike.

My question is would i see benefit by changing my wheels and tyres from the stock set (DT Axis 1.0 with Specialized Espoir Sport with double BlackBelt, 60 TPI, wire bead, 700×25c)? Have been looking at wheels and dont really want to spend more than a couple of hundred quid and have seen these on wiggle look reasonable value but wander if i am wasting money and not really upgrading.

Have also seen these bad boys which look better value and are around 400grams lighter

Any help and advice appreciated.



  • JayladJaylad Posts: 6
    Yeah you would. A quality wheelset can dramatically alter the feel of a bike, in weight especially.

    Something worth looking at are superstarcomponents.

    I think if you're into triathlon, something with a deep wheel base for that aerodynamic effect!

    You also don't need to spend 2k for a good carbon bike but watch out for alloy! It's growing in popularity against carbon, and is a dam site cheaper, there bikes come with better specs.
  • trailflowtrailflow Posts: 1,311
    Out of the two wheels you have listed i would go for the Campagnolo Scirocco 35. I have a set of Zonda's and Fulcrum Racing 7 LG (both made by Campagnolo) and they are both excellent. I think you will notice a definite improvement on your current wheels.

    No experience of Pro Lite wheels but the advertised weight of the Pro Lite Garda's is fairly heavy by modern standards. It possible they weigh more or close to your current Axis wheels.

    Superstar Pave 28's are currently £144.99 (from £194.99) with 'PAVEDEAL' code. Offer ends at the end of July

    Rubino Pro tyres are worth a look. Very durable. 150 tpi and fairly cheap.
  • s1d972s1d972 Posts: 3
    Many thanks for the responses - definitely food for thought, just need to decide on best set now :-)
  • KheSanhKheSanh Posts: 62
    Zondas are excellent. Strong, light, excellent hub/bearings and at a great price. I got mine from Halfords at a bargain price when they had an extra 20% off online.
  • JayladJaylad Posts: 6
    I've got a pair of the PAVES waiting to go on my bike. Man they are light!
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