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Upgrade wheels from Maddux R3.0

Sarah6548Sarah6548 Posts: 2
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I'm currently riding a Cannonade Synapse Tiagra with the factory fitted Maddux R3.0 and have bent the back wheel slightly (there's a lot of pot holes where i live!) Been riding on them for 3 years so decided its time for an upgrade.
I'm looking to spend around £250, I probably do about 100 miles a week over the summer and its quite hilly where i live and would like to get the upgrade for an 80miles sportive i've got next month.

These are 3 i've been looking at from wiggle

Campagnolo Scirocco 35 Clincher Wheelset £162

Campagnolo Zonda Clincher Wheelset £245

Fulcrum Racing Quattro Clincher Wheelset £192

Basically I'm trying to decided if its worth spending the extra and getting Zonda or cheaper Scirocco 35?
This is my first upgrades and have very limited knowledge of reading various posts on here! Any other suggestions and advise is very welcome...


  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    Drop an email to Derek @Wheelsmith or Malcolm @ The Cycle Clinic. I presumeyou are using Campagnolo. All those wheelsets are ok but a set built for you on a quality rim will be of more benefit.A rim like H Son Plus Archetype is a v.popular upgrade
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