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Struggling\unable to remove FSA Octalink crankset

daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 10,149
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Hello all,

my second hand commuter, now a winter bike has a triple FSA crankset fitted.

It's covered a lot of miles, and the middle chainring is screwed.

I've ordered a replacement chainring, but as it's so old, and is being a pain to remove, I am considering when I eventually do get it off, to send the replacement middle cog back, and just buy a new bargain 105 or Sora triple for Circa £50 - the better quality chainting cost me £22 from Ribble.

I removed the securing bolts from both sides, and tried to use the crank puller, but no amount of forcing it in on the driveside is making it budge a millimetre.

Here are the pics - I haven't seen anything like this before, I'm a bit bemused - unless it is just so old and welded on it needs more grunt I'm not sure.

Considering taking it along to the LBS to see if they can shift it.

Once I do get it out, do you reckon I would be best to just go for a Hollowtech II and a 105 crankset or similar?
Anyone seen any triple Sora/105 bargains out there on their travels?

Here is my crank puller, I've just been using the fat bit, and driving it in with a pedal spanner on the drive side.

Here is the view from the driveside:

And from tuther side:
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