Suspension Play

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I have a Decathlon hybrid with Suntour suspension forks at the front.

It's done a few thousand miles in about 5 years, with a lot of weight on it, (Mine.)

I've noticed recently that there is some lateral play in the front forks. If it was a rigid set of forks, I'd say it was a loose headset, but looking closely if I put the front brakes on there is definite play where the stanchions go into the sliders.

SSoooo, Should I ignore this, or worry a bit, or not ride it till it's been fixed?

Also. What sort of a job is it to replace the suspension forks with rigid ones? I only ride on roads and bike paths, so the suspension forks just add weight and noise to the bike.




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    Ten minute job to fit rigid forks instead, 15 minutes if cutting the steerer to length as well.

    Just carry on riding until they are really bad, they won't suddenly fail although they may seize up.
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