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Suspension Play

magibobmagibob Posts: 203
edited August 2015 in The workshop

I have a Decathlon hybrid with Suntour suspension forks at the front.

It's done a few thousand miles in about 5 years, with a lot of weight on it, (Mine.)

I've noticed recently that there is some lateral play in the front forks. If it was a rigid set of forks, I'd say it was a loose headset, but looking closely if I put the front brakes on there is definite play where the stanchions go into the sliders.

SSoooo, Should I ignore this, or worry a bit, or not ride it till it's been fixed?

Also. What sort of a job is it to replace the suspension forks with rigid ones? I only ride on roads and bike paths, so the suspension forks just add weight and noise to the bike.




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