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Is 52/36 and 36-11 Possible on a road bike

BikeCrusherBikeCrusher Posts: 2
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I am a big guy and I am desperate to keep my descending gears but add a huge granny gear so I can get up the big hills without walking. SRAM have a road based 11-36 but they don't seem to promote it with a double, so I was wonder will this work?

Rear Mech (10/11 speed)

Cassette (11 speed)

Shifters (11 speed)

Front Mech (11 speed)

Crankset (52-36)



  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,319
    For decending you don't need gears, just bend yourself over the bars and look sharp....
  • SemantikSemantik Posts: 537
    It would probably work but chain length could be an issue as the chain will have to be long enough to cope with the 52 front/36 rear combination but also be able to cope with 36 front/ 11 rear. Chain could end up being longer than ideal for the small/small ratios.
    I would try a 50/34 up front and an 11-32 rear. Lowest gear only an inch or so more than with your suggested choice of components and closer spaced ratios at the rear to make the bike more rideable in most situations
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,038
    For you laddy, I do believe SRAM has addressed the need with its 1 x groupsets for various requirements.
    effective, but hardly pretty.
  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    You need a triple if you want that gear range. End of.
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  • markhewitt1978markhewitt1978 Posts: 7,614
    Which is the correct answer. Triple is the way to go. Unfortunately triple isn't available in most of the higher tiers of road groups these days. Thankfully it *is* still available with Tiagra on the new 4700 groupset. looks pretty nice with new style shifters and under tape cable routing.

    Then you'd be able to have 30/30 as your lowest gear.
  • RightarmbadRightarmbad Posts: 216
    50 x 11 is still a bloody big gear.
    I descend quicker than anybody else I ride with and the secret is to tuck and stop pedaling.
    A quick sprint and tuck will beat anybody pedaling because of aero.

    We were riding a slight downhill on the highway the other day and a quick glance at the GPS showed 66km/h and I still had a gear to go, how fast do you want to go?

    50/34 x 11-32 will get you towing caravans uphill and if you are heavy, a smart tuck will get you to the bottom quicker than anybody else.
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