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Boardman AiR TT 9.0/9.2 cabling

christrinderchristrinder Posts: 14
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Does anybody have any experiencing building a Boardman AiR TT 9.0 or 9.2 ...or maybe recabling one? I've just bought a new one but am struggling to work out the cabling, including what I'm supposed to do with the rear brake cable. I've tried my best to word my questions below:

1). The bike came with a very thing plastic tube running through the frame where the rear brake cable will run. It has a strip of masking tape on each end presumably to stop it sliding through. My question is, is this just a guide for the cable and therefore it should be removed once the cable has been threaded through?

2). Related to the above - The rear brake cable housing doesn't seem to want to be threaded through the frame where the little plastic tube is... Not sure if I need to try harder or whether the housing isn't supposed to go right through the frame... Maybe the outer runs just to the top tube and stops there? Incidentally the rear gear cable housing came already in place and goes all the way through the frame.

3). The cable housing for the front mech fits and stops at the entry point on the top tube just behind the stem but only when I remove the cable cap. Is this ok to do or am doing something wrong - I feel like it's not quite right without the cable cap and worry that the wire that makes up the cable housing might damage the frame without a cap to protect it?


  • Zerotails99Zerotails99 Posts: 127
    Not familiar with the specific frame you got there but have done some internal cabling so here goes:

    1) the plastic thing is where you run the inner cable through. If you lose that then you will have a big problem.
    2) no! You don't run the housing inside the frame. You need a ferrule on the entry and exit point.
    3) I don't get what you mean. But same as above. Only the bare cable and it's guide needs to be inside the frame. No caps or housing.
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