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Swapping a chainset.

differentstrokes87differentstrokes87 Posts: 140
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I have a Planet X XLS cx bike but it's spent pretty much all its life on the road. It currently has a SRAM Apex 46/36 chainset but I'd like to upgrade it to a SRAM Force 50/34 (10 speed) so it matches the rest of the groupset.

I've been searching for said chainset but had no luck so far, if I find one is it a simple enough job? I've had a quick look at some YouTube videos and it doesn't look to bad, just thought if ask for some info before trying it myself.
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  • Zerotails99Zerotails99 Posts: 127
    Yes its very easy. Just a case of undoing a single bolt and pulling it out. It maybe a bit tight when pulling it out and may require some force. The front derailleur would need re positioning and you may require a new chain if the old one is not long enough.
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