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Trek Fuel EX vs Trek Remedy

TheMightyDaffTheMightyDaff Posts: 2
edited July 2015 in MTB buying advice

I am returning to mountain biking after about 10 years out of the sport. Currently I ride road but want to get a mountain bike to have a bit of run and mix up my riding. Since I have been away from the sport quite a bit has changed which has made finding the right bike hard!

I have settled on Trek mainly as they are stocked by my local shop and I can get a good deal. Within their range I can decide on the Fuel Ex or Remedy. The Fuel Ex is listed as a trail bike but the Remedy is both trail and Enduro. I think I will mainly be riding trails that require some going uphill in the ride. I can't see myself doing any DH runs or uplift type rides.

From a model point of view I have selected the following:

Trek Fuel EX 9.8 27.5
Trek Remedy 8 27.5

The fuel is a bit more but the deal I can get is good.

I realise there are probably loads of 'what bike should I buy' threads but this is more focused with the people who have ridden them or maybe both.It seems you get 20mm more travel with the Remedy but will be be a very different ride to the Fuel EX. Part of me thinks the Fuel EX is a better all round bike but the Remedy might be more fun!



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