Routes and bike hire near Alfaix

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For once I am planning in advance and looking for any suggestions for first bike hire and second routes around Alfaix. I am heading there in June of next year (El Pueblito de Alfaix). I'd prefer road bike/routes but will consider touring and off-road as well. I have the added complication of being fairly small (5' 2") which might make getting a decent bike a bit more challenging - hence the early start to my searching. If push comes to shove, I can take my old road bike with me but I'd prefer not to.

All suggestions for routes/hire facilities welcome.


I'm fifty, ffs! I'm going as fast as I can!


  • Wardster00
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    Hi Fiona,

    My wife's family live in Mojacar which is around a 25 minute drive from Alfaix. There is a bike shop there called Doltcini and I hired a road bike form them for €20 per day. The guy doesn't speak much English but enough to get by. They also gave me a map when I hired the bike of good routes in the area.

    Another option for routes may be to use the search function on Strava?

    I hope that this helps.
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    There are a couple more bike shops on the main road to Vera from Mojacar too, Weekend Sport and right next door, Aguila Bike. Have fun!