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What bike is best?

Naz90Naz90 Posts: 30
edited July 2015 in MTB buying advice
Hi all looking at buying a bike this week the bikes I've picked out are

Carrera Vulcan £329 at the mo in halfords
Voodoo hoodoo £399 last years model local store has one in a size 20 left
Voodoo Bantu £239 again last years model
Voodoo hoodoo 2015 £499 is this better than last years
I also had a look at both the rr560 and calibe but my nearest stores are both over 100+ miles away lol

Out of that lot what is the best bike for value?

I know some people will say they are no good as they are halfords bikes but for my budget I believe they beat all big names spec wise in my budget
Many thanks


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