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How will Veronese carry his gut back into the UK?

verylonglegsverylonglegs Posts: 3,583
edited July 2015 in The bottom bracket
As we all know now Veronese is eating his way around the USA. With this in mind what will he need to do to get his extra lard back home?

What will he need to get his belly back in the country? 13 votes

Loosen one notch on the belt.
7% 1 vote
Loosen two notches on the belt.
7% 1 vote
A new bigger belt.
0% 0 votes
Some 'control' underwear.
15% 2 votes
A corset.
7% 1 vote
A wheelbarrow.
30% 4 votes
None of the above- it will be a combo of moobs, bingo wings and embarassingly split trousers.
30% 4 votes


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