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So I have managed to break my collarbone. Big off last weekend, landed on my shoulder and clean snapped it, has a large displacement, 5-6cm so am having it operated on tomorrow. 6 weeks of the bike from tomorrow so ideally want to get a turbo. I am not sure I'd use it much once I am healed as I like to get out whatever the weather. Therefore I am after a Cheapish one, with a display if possible, have seen a tacx 2200 for £160 currently the front runner because of its display, but would like something cheaper. Does anyone have any recommendations of others that may be similar? It's something I have never looked at as luckily I have never had to.


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    ThIs is a really good turbo, I have the model up with the power, cadence and heart rate monitor. It is really heavy duty and solid, much better than anything I've seen at this price.
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    Where abouts are you based? I've a Cycleops Fluid 2 I really should clear out which would be a nice alternative to the Flow. Weighs the same as a small house though so south east London would be handy!

    Was the Flow you'd spotted from Decathlon? They do seem to do great deals on Tacx trainers. I think you can save a couple of quid at Bike24 though and they have some different packages worth looking at.
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    I have used the Planet X Trainer as well. Great value @
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    I bought a cheap mag one from eBay for £30 its seen me through multiple injuries and winters
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