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Removing a spoke nipple from a RS30 wheel

Zendog1Zendog1 Posts: 816
edited July 2015 in Workshop
It's rattling round inside the hollow bit of the rim. Any idea's on how to do this.

I've been trying to get one out using odd bits of metal, knives, chewing gum and curses for about the last hour. I presume it will fit though the valve hole but the sod doesn't want to come out.



  • sirmolsirmol Posts: 287
    Gravity - Just turn the wheel with the hole down and shake until it reaches the bottom and let it fall out.
  • Zendog1Zendog1 Posts: 816
    Tried that lots - no luck.
  • munkstermunkster Posts: 819
    Magnet? (Assuming not alu nips)
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Magnet? (Assuming not alu nips)

    If they are like the RS10s then you assume wrong; they are alu.

    I seem to remember struggling to retrieve a nipple I dropped into the rim when replacing a broken spoke on my rear RS10. You'd think a nipple was a lot smaller than a valve hole but it seemed otherwise and it kept shooting straight past the hole. Think I finally persuaded it to turn the corner and head downwards using a blob of grease on the end of a screwdriver.
  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 26,786
    The all of Ghana is laughing at this first world problem... we invented the monster, after all
  • Zendog1Zendog1 Posts: 816
    Thanks Keef

    Grease and a window lock key worked in the end.
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