Looking for a bike for a Charity Bike Ride

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Hi everyone,

I am sure you get this all the time but I am a complete newbie to the sport and am looking to get a better bike. I started cycling a couple of months ago as I am preparing to cycle from London to Paris for charity in September. I had a Mango Bike 18 speed but I felt this was quite slow plus all the issues with the bike and I have ended up taking it back for a refund.

I ideally would like a Carbon Frame on my next bike for speed, am I right in thinking this? I have also been recommended to look on Ebay for a 'bargain' but to be true, I do not have a clue what I am looking for other than a Carbon frame. I am looking to spend around £600 on my next bike, but would like to be able to have confidence in it actually making the trip to Paris.

Any help would be fantastic! :D




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    Hi, don't get hung up about carbon, i doubt you will get anything with a carbon frame for £600 and to be honest you don't need it for what you are planning anyway !
    As you admit to not having a clue i would forget about Ebay as well (it is a minefield for the unwary)

    So, on a more positive note how about going to a decent Halfords and looking at their Boardman bikes.
    They have a decent range of Boardman Hybrids and Road bikes in your price range and you can try different sizes and compare the bikes first hand. Their Boardman bikes have decent spec and are good value for money.
    You need to get something that is the correct size and geometry that fits you well.
    It would be handy to take someone along who has more bike knowledge to help advise you rather than rely on the staff there though !!
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  • HI 'Topdude',

    Thank you for the advice, I'll make sure I go to Halfords this weekend. :D

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    Or try decathlon for BTwin Triban, they are fantastic value for money.
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