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Dropper post, which ones can you get spares for ?

SchellpelSchellpel Posts: 119
edited July 2015 in MTB buying advice
I currently have an X-Fusion Hilo seat post that I bought second hand and the brass keys that stop the seatpost rotating have become worn so the saddle rotates side to side.

No problem I thought that's something that should be easy to replace, but it seems not :roll: The only way to get them replaced is to send it back to upgrade and pay £50 for a service. They won't sell you the parts and no one else can get hold of them.

So for my next dropper post I would like to get one that you can actually get spare parts like seal kits, bushings and brass keys for. Bearing in mind that we live in the UK and dropper posts have a hard life.

Which ones can you service ?


  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,588
    Gravity Dropper probably the most rebuildable

    Can get Thomson bits from i-ride

    Or a NP Oklo. CRC have repaired mine a few times
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