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My main sport is long distance running, so i am pretty fit and active, looking to get a road bike for cross training, general fitness and leisure and may even dip my toe into trying a triathlon, just for fun and trying something new, but that isn't a priority!

Have been advised that Giant Defy are good all rounders, and have become torn between the Defy 0 and the Defy Advance 1,

I am not sure at which level to come in at, i am a fit and active so do not want to undersell myself and end up wanting upgrading too soon, but also being new to riding, do not want overkill and overspend, and get too much spec that i wouldn't even know the difference...!

The Advance is £600 more as well, but has Carbon frame, full ultegra and disc brakes, worth the extra?


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    This may help you decide, if you want the carbon frame, Ultegra and disc brakes, the £600 extra is not excessive IMO. viewtopic.php?f=40042&t=13032052
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    Most manufacturers are bringing out the 2016 models, so you can get some good discounts on last years bikes. The Defy 0 can be picked up for £800 now. I'd expect the Advanced 1 to come down by about 20% in a few weeks time.
  • Hi thanks for the responses,

    That thread was a great insight and i think the advance will be the way to go, more future proof, i have spent far too long deliberating already and don't want to be worrying about upgrades etc in 6 months! Plus the roads are awful around here, so the carbon should help smooth the ride out.