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Polygon Entiat

EstiloEstilo Posts: 3
edited July 2015 in MTB buying advice
Hi all, I'm new here and new to mtb's in general. Would those in the know kindly shed your thoughts on the Polygon Entiat? It's a new-ish model so I haven't been able to find much reviews on them. Seems like it's hardcore hardtail-ish type with longer travel and wheelbase than their XC line-up. But it's an alloy frame. I'm not sure how big Polygon is worldwide but they're a bicycle giant locally, and they have signed on world-class riders it seems.

I'm currently looking at hitting up the local XC trail for practice but aim to eventually ride AM type trails in the woods. Would this serve well for that purpose, for a beginner? I've read that hardtails are the best practice machines, but I've also read that long travel hardtails are the scariest types with the front end allowing for anything but you'd have to work more to keep the read in check. Further ahead, I do aim to get a full-fledged trail bike, so I guess what I'd like for now is a decent all-around bike that I can relegate for other uses in future.


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