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Help needed to choose between these two bikes

KanyaKanya Posts: 90
edited July 2015 in MTB buying advice
Just got my cyclescheme voucher and looking to buy one of these two at £1,000:

Cannondale F29 2 Flash Alloy

On One Lurcher (complete bike) (Sram x5) (deore)

I am leaning heavily towards the C'dale despite it being a 2 year older model as I have always wanted a Lefty since hiring one on holiday. I really like the look of the bike too although thats not the be all and end all.

Previous bike was a Boardman MTB Pro HT (2009) and stupidly sold that when I wasnt getting much use at that time.

The Lurchers come with either SRAM or Deore and despite me looking into it I am still nonplussed as to which is the better of the two...deore? Plus they're on a carbon frame....

Just looking for thoughts on these or if anyone had further suggestions for an alternative hardtail. I did look at the Sentier VRS but not that keen on it.
2009 - Boardman Pro '09 HT MTB
2013 - Cannondale F29 1 '13
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    What usage for the bike, as they are meant for somewhat different usage. The Flash is very much an XC race bike, the Lurcher much more trail use orientated.

    The older Lefty forks weren't the best damping control known to man or mountain bike.

    X5 is nominally the same 'quality' as Deore, but I'd have Deore rather than X5!

    Have you checked the surcharge at on-one for the Lurcher, due to their low margins they add a surcharge for cyclescheme vouchers to cover the 10% they have to give to CS.
  • kyle17290kyle17290 Posts: 261
    Think you answered your own question, if you've always wanted one. I personally like the vitus given the choice.
  • KanyaKanya Posts: 90
    Yeah the "always wanted one" is definitely coming into play!

    Bike will primarily be used for a short commute to and from work most days, plus I plan on going to Glentress trails with my friends again soon along with doing some cycle paths around edinburgh/pentlands. My Boardman was quite a racy spec bike rather than trail fgrom what I remember too.

    I was unsure if going for a 2 year old model would be a silly idea as tech moves on rapidly. From what I have read, the lefty on this model is the newer version (different boot etc) and remains relatively unchanged to present day.

    The lurcher having a carbon frame at that price point was also interesting however I'm unsure just how good that carbon would be (I play ice hockey and use carbon comp sticks...and the difference in low to high end gear is preying on my mind with this)

    Why do you prefer deore over x5?

    As the c'dale is on sale at Pauls, I lose £100 due to cyclescheme admin costs too. So on either bike I drop around 10% of the voucher's value.
    2009 - Boardman Pro '09 HT MTB
    2013 - Cannondale F29 1 '13
    2017 - Haibike Freed 7.5 carbon HT + full Hope parts (no..not an e-bike)
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    The newer Lefty is certainly meant to be much better.

    I think that although nominally at the same point in the respective ranges, I think the Deore feels nicer in use and lasts a bit longer than SRAM.

    Carbon frames can be looked at by weight, the very best XC frames are circa 900g, the second tier circa 1100g, then the cheaper ones circa 1350g, the Lurcher falls into the last category, you can get top end aluminium frames lighter but no-one makes them any more as you may as well go to CF, good but not startling perhaps?
  • KanyaKanya Posts: 90
    Thanks for your reply guys (and Rookie, that was some good info.

    Its between these two

    2013 Flash 2 alloy £999

    However only Medium or Large left. I am about 5'5 with a 29 inch inseam.

    I went to a LBS and they had a 2015 C'dale trail in medium, which seemed a little too big.

    There is also:
    2013 Flash 1 alloy £1,129.99

    This model is available in small and medium.

    As the bike is on sale, the £1000 voucher is worth £900 (£100 as admin cost). So I am looking to see what you guys think:

    Go for the medium and spend £100 to get to the £1000 price OR get the small in the Alloy 1, and have to fork out an additional £230.00.

    Preferably I'd prefer to just have to fork out the £100 and get the Alloy 2.

    I'd love to hear from anyone that has this model, or a newer model of the same bike and see what they think - the top tube looks like it slopes downwards towards the seat from every youtube vid Ive found and looks like Id get away with the Medium...but the standover when I tried the Trail 5 in the LBS was non-existant and that was a 650b instead of the 29ers Im looking at here. My last bike was a 26er so this is also a factor I guess.

    Any help would be extremely appreciated as Ive not owned nor have any mates who own a c'dale so Im struggling to get help with this. I am 75% sure I could get away with the medium but as I cant try it and its a Mail order - I dont want to go in totally blind..!

    Also one last thing - when I said to the guy in the LBS I was getting a bike mail order - he said if I built it it would void the warranty. From reading Pauls website it just says sorting the bars as they'll be flat for packing - surely me sorting that at home wont void the warranty? The chain etc will all be on, it'll just be a case of putting pedals on and straighten bars? (says they dont come with any pedals)
    2009 - Boardman Pro '09 HT MTB
    2013 - Cannondale F29 1 '13
    2017 - Haibike Freed 7.5 carbon HT + full Hope parts (no..not an e-bike)
  • KanyaKanya Posts: 90
    Thats a very good question - due to call them tomorrow to see if they can.

    Assuming its not an issue...thoughts?

    Edit: found this on their website so looks like they allow it:

    We are more than happy to accept 'top up' payments from you if the cycle you want to buy is over the £1000 limit but you should ensure that your employer is happy for you to do this as should you leave your current employment there could be a conflict of ownership
    2009 - Boardman Pro '09 HT MTB
    2013 - Cannondale F29 1 '13
    2017 - Haibike Freed 7.5 carbon HT + full Hope parts (no..not an e-bike)
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