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Saddle bag size?

RonRon83RonRon83 Posts: 11
edited July 2015 in Road buying advice

I am going to buy saddle bag "Pro saddlebag" (, and don't know which size to buy.
(Bike: Giant propel Kit 1)


1X inner tube
2X tire levers
1X co2 head and cartridge
1X small Multitool

Should i get the Maxu, Medi or small?

Many thanks,



  • chrisaonabikechrisaonabike Posts: 1,914
    Does the multi tool include a chain splitter and replacement pin (or quicklink, if KMC chain)?

    If not, include one, and some latex or nitrile gloves. Twice now, in recent times, I've stopped to help someone with chain problems, saved them a very long walk home.

    Personally, I'd include two cartridges in case you censored up the first one in the cold and dark, unless you have a pump as well.

    I use one of these. And a large one in the same range, with two tubes and three cartridges, for whole-day rides.
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    You could probably squeeze 2x tubes, CO2 head + 2x cartridges, 1x lever and a mini-tool in the small one. Worth adding a spare chainlink and a tyre-boot (piece of old tyre) too.
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