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Bicycle Frame-building Course fund! Please GoFundMe

xcMuttleyxcMuttley Posts: 434
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For those of you that know me you will likely know of my love of cycling and of the horrible struggles I have been through in the past 5 years and how that no matter what I try to not let it stop me. After everything knocking me down I have picked myself up, brushed myself off and found another way to achieve my goals.
Those of you who know me really well will also know that in time my intention was to become a bicycle frame-builder.

But due to my most recent setback the original path of becoming a welding apprentice and then in time becoming a framebuilder is a door that has shut quite heavily in my face. No one wants to hire someone with an undiagnosed back problem that could rear its head at any time. Understandable, but annoying to say the least. However I have found other paths that could help me achieve my end goal, a frame building course. I have some of the necessary skills and knowledge needed to carry out the processes but there are many missing pieces that only a course such as this could help me begin to learn.
I am already in talks with the prince’s trust in view to making this a viable business idea but for it to become that I first need the right skills which only a course such as this can help with. Unfortunately getting a grant for this kind of course has proved fruitless which is why I am hoping that I will be able to raise the money needed to complete the course as well as buy some of equipment required.

I can't thank you enough for any contribution's towards the course and towards me reaching my goals.

Even if you aren't able to contribute if you could please share this as far and wide as possible so that I can achieve my goal. Thank you!
Please check out more about my story over on my blog:
Check out my blog for my views and reviews:
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