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Racy 29er hardtail, XC etc.

mattrixdesign2mattrixdesign2 Posts: 644
edited July 2015 in MTB buying advice
I am looking for my first 29er. Over the last few years I have been competing in local MTB XC races on my Cube 26 (XT, STX, Rebas, Stans Alpines etc). I am enjoying it, but struggling in sections to keep up with the 29ers, its ok on the climbs though as its pretty light weight. In my category I am getting 3rd, 4th and 5th, beaten by 29ers... and I know its the rider, but I want my marginal gain and a new toy.

So looking for something racy (IE light and fast, not comfortable), I am impressed with STX and XT and the Rebas, so something at their level inc Sram. Not fussed on Alu or Carbon but want a light frame to start with. Another thought is I would like to start with decent tubeless wheels, as every bike ends up with me upgrading wheels.

Happy with branded (in sale as not looking to buy yet), or the online only (PX, Canyon, Rose) and even the likes of Decathlon and Boardman etc.

I am guessing OnOne Whippet, will be one suggestion... but looking for other ideas?

Budget is variable really, say minimum of 1k to 1.5k?


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