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Getting back into it

radiojajaradiojaja Posts: 94
edited July 2015 in MTB buying advice
I havent done any biking since my lovely Cube AMS got nicked over a year ago, and I hadnt done much for at least a year before that, so Im really out of touch with the latest stuff. Ive finally decided to get back in the saddle but want to stick to a hard tail this time around, as the Cube was more bike that I needed.

Ive got about £1000 and have been looking at the Specialised Rockhopper Pro Evo and another Cube, this time the LTD pro. Im pretty sold on the 27.5 wheel too I think.

The Specialised looks a great bike spec wise but the reviews aren't amazing.

The Cube

Anyone got any thoughts?

Or even any other bikes I should look at?

Thanks in advance :)


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