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Giant Fastroad SLR Size Help

aksotaksot Posts: 6
edited July 2015 in Commuting general
hi, I am going to order one but I don't have the possibility of testing before
I saw here
that 5.10 height with 31 inseam is medium size but I wonder if it is too small or medium/large fits better.
If you see the geometry top tube length and wheelbase of the medium is rather small than compared with other brands like sirrus etc.



  • GiantDanceGiantDance Posts: 129
    I have a Giant Defy Advance and went for a M/L and I'm 5'9 and would say its fits me perfectly.

    Appreciate mines a road bike, the medium I tried I felt to hunched yes I can have changed the steam and such but the guy n Giant suggested I try the M/L and well I ending that.
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  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,212
    Have you tried the Sirrus Comp bike for size? Your height and inseam are used as a guide as far as the sizing charts are concerned, the reach to and height of the bars are what will determine if you will be comfortable on the bike. Do you have an existing bike to compare the geometry to?
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