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27.5 or 29er

dush84dush84 Posts: 2
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So. I am new to the world of MTBs; pleae be kind and forgive my ignorance. I've decided that I need my first one to be a Voodoo. I can't quite decide if I should get the new 29er (Bizango) or the 27.5 Hoodoo. Could please someone educate me and help me sort out the war in my head. :-(


  • The best thing to do would be try them both out. It's all very debatable which is best, both are proven performers and in the real world with average riders most likely won't make much difference. Try them and see which feels best to you.

    I prefer 27.5 because to me it feels more manourvourable on tight trails. My friends 29er feels too tall, but a smaller frame size would counteract that.
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