Suitable Tyres?

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I have a Boardman MX Comp as per the below.

Using it daily for commuting, and its got the stock tyres on it (Schwalbe Tyrago Kevlar Guard 700 x 37c)

I'm starting to do regular longer rides at the weekend (around the 30 mile mark, mostly on roads/paths) and figure I could get improved performance from thinner tyres.

Question is, whats the thinnest I could get away with on this setup, and would I notice any real difference?

I'm leaning towards there:

Think they might be the best of both world based off the reviews. I just feel that I ride on roads more and more lately, and the tread on my current tyres is a bit overkill

Thanks for reading, and look forward to any replies!


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    I like Schwalbe Durano 26" 1.1 nice and supple and good in the wet, I think they work out as 28mm.

    For road riding any tread is overkill.
    I used to just ride my bike to work but now I find myself going out looking for bigger and bigger hills.
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    The MX wheels will take a 28mm tyre comfortably, they should take a 25mm but I see little point pushing it that far when it's not exactly a road bike.
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