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shock rubbing

morleyman200morleyman200 Posts: 513
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Afternoon All

On one of the bikes I have it has a rockshox Ario shock its on a bike from 2010 and has had undergone several seal servicing over the years.

But over time i have notices that the shock has become scratched/grazed. When i first noticed this I bought new seals and installed them. but over time the scuff has become worse and how now started to show signs of scuffing inside the air can. Again i have bought new seals and fitted.

My guess is grit is getting into the air can and rubbing on the 'bottom out' foam washer in the can. I appreciate that now it has been scuffed its going to allow grit and dirt to enter the can more easily.

But do any of you know a way in which this can be solved without having to send it off for a new shock shaft?

I can't attach the photos as they are too large, but here is a link to them

Many thanks



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