What's for tea

sheepsteeth Posts: 17,418
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I cant be bothered to decide so what are you lot having?

i know i am serving vegetable curry to my vegetarian hippy wife but dont know what i want. so inspire me please.


  • Chunkers1980
    Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    Why not just add meat to the veg curry to make curry.
  • sheepsteeth
    sheepsteeth Posts: 17,418
    turns out that maywell be the winner in this house.

    i will add meat to both the curry and the wife.

    she claims to be a vegetarian but i know she likes pork. well, the sword part at least
  • Thewaylander
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    Pork chops marinated in a Lebanese spice mix, with roasted vegetables and green beans..

    Ohm nom love the meat!
  • tlw1
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    who knows what's for dinner, going out with the current wife & could lead anywhere