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Panniers & Dynamo for a Boardman Hybrid

bartman100bartman100 Posts: 544
edited July 2015 in Tour & expedition
Hi folks,

Planning my first cycle tour and want to use my Boardman Hybrid Pro - won't be doing a long tour to start so think this bike will be fine to adapt.

The first two adaptations I want to make are Panniers and a Dynamo to power phone/GPS through USB.

2 questions:-

1. Any ideas which panniers will fit the bike and any general recommendations for makes/models?

2. How easy is it to fit a front wheel dynamo (or is this even possible?) I am looking at the SON ones here



  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,431
    Any panniers will fit. But you need a rack to mount them on. Your bike has rack mounting points. It may be you need a rack that is disc brake compatible. There are plenty of models available. Ortlieb and Carradice are excellent panniers and worth paying the extra for.

    The easiest way to get a SON hub dynamo is to buy a new front wheel with one built in. Various shops and wheelbuilders offer this. Have a look at Spa Cycles website.
  • marcusjbmarcusjb Posts: 2,412

    2. How easy is it to fit a front wheel dynamo (or is this even possible?) I am looking at the SON ones here

    A hub dynamo wheel is just a front wheel - so very easy to fit once you've had the wheel built.

    In order to charge a phone/GPS from the dynamo, you'll need a converter box between the dynamo and device. There's stuff like the E-Werk USB out there along with a whole load of other options coming to market now.

    Personally, I have a light that also does the USB conversion (B&M Luxos U).

    On choice of dynamo - I can't fault you on the choice on a SON (I've got three of them and they're faultless), but they are the most pricey of the options out there (but by far the most reliable, only need a service every 50000km and are the most efficient).

    The high-end Shimano offerings are now pretty damn close in terms of efficiency and are a fraction of the cost and the Shutter Precision stuff is being well received in the long distance world, but it's maybe a little early to know what long-term life is like).

    But you won't regret having a SON one.

    Finally - here's my thoughts on touring and charging stuff up. Really depends on what kind of touring you are doing. If you are well off the beaten track for days on end, no doubt a dynamo setup is great.

    But, if you are in B&Bs even only every 2-3 nights, then a backup battery is cheap and can be charged up at night. I've got a little Anker one that cost less than 20 quid and will charge my GPS unit up about 5 times. Phone battery can be maximised with flight mode etc.
  • marcusjbmarcusjb Posts: 2,412
    Just to add that if charging is your priority, use a SON28 not a Delux - i.e. don't be tempted to save those few grammes as the charging performance at the lower touring speeds will not be very good.
  • bartman100bartman100 Posts: 544
    thanks both for your input - very useful
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