Mid Week Wednesday...

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Morning Losers!

I drove to the car dealership yesterday on my motorbike to get some documents photocopied and finalise the deal. My ar$e did not like it (the ride, not finalising the deal, it was all normal and above board that bit!). 180 miles on a motorbike is the longest I've ever done and it really showed that I need to fix the motorbike when I tried overtaking a lorry and it took me ages. I was doing 50mph :?

Today I will be updating a website with some stuff, looking up insurance for the new vehicle and then driving my old car for the last time (with no MOT :? ) and swapping it for the Volvo :D

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    Can't beat a new car feel!

    Today is the joys of the office and then over to burton for a 3.30 meeting - badly organised

    Later is not a lot
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    Ning Ditch diggers,

    On't road today, up to deepest darkest Lincolnshire to drop off some stuff, then back, then sporting endeavours if the sun shows his happy face.

    Pip pip
    Loving life in rural SW France

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    Can't beat a new car feel!
    I thought you couldn't beat a good walk?

    Morning all,
    It's a bit moist out. I was all ready to wobble in this morning, but feeling a little weary. Then I remembered that I hadn't fixed the flat on the EPO's bike, I also took pity on the boy as he is working here this week. So I decided to drive in and blame them for the fact that I couldn't ride in. Clearly I didn't mention that I was glad to have an excuse.
    Tonight is pub night, this is good. I have just been delivered tea, this is also good but clearly not as good as going to the pub.
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    Morning Ladies,

    Last day at work and holiday time !!!!

    C u in two weeks chaps.

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    More work meh today. I'm not used to this. Poorly young un at home keeping me up most of the night as well so I'm farked and full of CBA. He's still cracking jokes as well, he's only 4 and last night he said to me "Daddy, your belly is like a castle". Fair enough, I thought, solid like a castle wall, I'll take that compliment. Then he finished by saying "A bouncy castle, hahahahaha". Thanks kid, go back to puking everywhere and sleeping on the floor.
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    Today I have been working at a sporty games day thingy for people that can count to potato. Being PC and interacting with them for 6hrs was pretty draining. I don't cope well with people who don't understand the concept of personal space.

    Currently sitting on the sofa thinking about doing a spot of cleaning.
    Off out later with a mate that I haven't seen properly in about 2 years, being back in Hood town is great!

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    Evening saddle sniffers and sniffees,

    Countdown to holiday - flying out to Barcelona on Saturday for w week of sun, sangria and Spanish ditches. Things are starting to look up, just got to get through two more days at work.
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